Beautiful Moments

Edith was once a member of the Watoto Children’s Choir. She is now travelling with Choir Choir 96 in the U.S.A as an auntie.

Edith recently met the women who sponsored her as a child. “These wonderful ladies sponsored me faithfully through school. Always took turns writing letters to me. Never missed any of my birthdays. Even though we had never seen each other physically, I knew I had people who loved me. I was overwhelmed with joy seeing my heroes,” says Edith.

Sponsorship changes lives. It changed Edith’s. Thank you to all the Watoto sponsors!

Love Beyond Borders

The Milne family made the long trek across the border to visit their sponsor child, Katie, while she was on tour in the US.

Thank you to our sponsors and donors who go the extra mile to make our women and children feel loved. We love you!


Home sweet home

Is it really true that east to west north to south home is the best?
If its true, what really makes it the best? Let’s find out this together.

It’s been a week now since we returned back home from a tour experience that was phenomenal. What made this tour so great is encrypted within all our blogs where we have shared our awesome experiences weekly. You can find all of them here.
Well part of this experience was that we found souls that welcomed and loved us like their very own that never at ounce did we ever feel like we weren’t at home. They gave us a place full of peace, love, comfort and so secure with an overflow of generosity that we couldn’t wish for anything more. We cannot stop saying thank you and God bless every soul that welcomed Watoto into their heart, churches, homes, organizations and schools. We returned home so happy and healthy all because of your warm generous hands.


Life after tour back at home


Ivan with his mother in Watoto Laminadera Village in Gulu.

Six months is quite a big bunch of time away from home. Six months living with different people with different cultures living in different countries or areas with different beliefs and norms that eat different food is such a big experience that we had. Was this enjoyable? With no doubt yes we enjoyed every moment of it because of people that we met.
After all that, returning home is another cultural shock because our minds and body have been used to something else. That’s not mentioning the jet lag experience.
They say, “where the stream has ever flowed it will flow again.”
Returning home was returning to where it all started and to where all our life story was birthed.

“What makes home the best is not because its the most fancy or beautiful or safe but because its where the story of our life is birthed or founded.” Mark

As a choir, we were glad and so happy to return to our grounds. We were welcomed back home as heroes with great honour like a victorious army after a war.


Watoto children’s choir 88 at Watoto Church Downtown being welcomed back.

Seeing old friends and family members was such a joy like of a man in a desert seeing drops of rain after a very long time.
We returned the children back to Watoto villages or homes to be reunited with their mothers, sisters and brothers and also friends. The moment was so golden as they had tears of joy seeing their sons and daughters come back very healthy and grown.

“You can go to so many places that can feel like home but no place can be like home, home is a place like no other.” Mark.

Well done.


Six months tour experience was a great success for us because we went out there and fought the good fight and we emerged as victors. The journey wasn’t easy but we woke up everyday with great determination and hope knowing that we will make it by God’s sufficient grace and perfect power.

“A champion will fight through everything.” Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We returned not as failures but as champions because we had run our race so well and it was finished. The secret of our victory and success was in prayer, thanksgiving and not worrying about anything. Generally it was in the fellowships we had as a team or family always that kept us going, strong, encouraged and working together.


“In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.” Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭ASV‬‬

With God at centre of it all, all our paths were guided to meet the right people, places, support and everything we needed to become great champions.

The ground staff that supported us from the road appreciated us so much in a way that was humbling and inspiring.


One of the ground staff in her words said, “we set you out there because we trusted you and we knew you were more than able to tell our story no matter what. It wasn’t easy because we know but you made it through so strong without ashaming us. You represented us so well but above it all you have made God a proud father. Thank you so much for being such a light to the world, I believe you so many must have been inspired by your great work done. God bless you.”

Imagine the colour of our hearts and faces after such a great inspiring speech, we will let you enjoy the brightness and joy within these moments.

There is such a fulfilment in saying thank you to those that have done good because it’s the indirect way of motivating them to keep doing good but on side B it’s also a humble way of saying you have blessed me.


Children with their well done certificates. Thank you

Do you always say thank you to those that have given or spoken or been there for you?

“None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.” Harvey Mackay

Well done to all the children and adults of choir 88 and may God greatly increase you and bless all your heart desires and He also bless your time with family and friends that as you rest, all your energies will be restored with greatness and that all your good works shall be blessed and may you stay inspired and motivated to do good always and forever AMEN.