Choir 35 Sets Off

The weather could best be described as chilly as we boarded the taxi that would take us to the airport.

It had been a busy morning, after months of training and learning awesome dance routines, we are finally en route to the US.

We are very excited and can hardly wait to start, ministering and testifying of God’s goodness.


Choir 35 is all smiles


  1. Choir 35 was absolutely incredible, what a blessing to have been able to experience the performance and as well host 3 beatuiful little ladies and a great chaperone. Gods’ hand is all over this traveling choir. Ruth, Margaret, Mercy, and Joanna we miss you guys and love you with all our God given hearts. We hope to see you soon, and thank you for allowing Gods’ light to shine through. You have inspired us to help orphans and to pursue adoption some day. We’ll be keeping track of your travels and may God bless you with safe travels.

    Bryan, Tara, Camaron, and Christian

  2. you guys are amazing i was one of the children from st johns in clevedon! it would be amazing if i could keep in contact with you guys!if i could please could i have you emails if so brilliant.well done and keep on shining those smiles!!

  3. You Guys Rock at St Johns Clevedon I watched you at school and I loved your Singing and can i have your email’s please so i can keep in contact with you. Thanks

  4. God is so incredible for blessing my lovely wife Tara, our nephews Camaron and Christian and their best friend Sean to be able to visit Choir 35 again in CA @ Ocean Hills Church in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. Again you beautiful Children of God performed incredibly again. Thank you so much for letting the light of God shine through you. Ivan thank you for communicating with us. And Margaret, Mercy, Ruth and Joanna “WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH”, thank you for being you. May God continue to Bless you all, and we look forward to seeing you all again.

    with all our love,
    Uncle Bryan and Auntie Tara and the Boys

  5. I am a sponsor of one of your Choir members, Hamza Sam Oketch, and would like to meet him. I understand you will be in Washington State in April. Can you give me the locations and dates. I might be able to travel and meet you. Thanks

  6. All of us at Imani Community Church, 3300 MacArthur Blvd, are looking forward to the arrival of Watoto Choir 35 in Oakland, CA on Thursday, April 2, 2008 to perform at a local school on the morning and join with us in the afternoon. We have a wonderful meal planned, followed by the concert. We pray for your safe travels – – see you soon and prayers for God’s blessings upon you.

  7. After visiting the villages in Dec to throw Christmas parties w/ Oasis Christian Center it was a blessing to have the children come sing for us and I was so blessed to have two of the children and chaperone stay with us for a few days! Be blessed on the rest of the journey choir 35 U are amazing!

  8. My family and I praise God for the beautiful children of this choir. The concert at St. John’s Lutheran in Napa was extremely inspirational and touched many people hearts. We also want to that Auntie Ruth, Priscilla, Irene and Sharon for sharing the evening and morning with us. You are a true inspiration and we will miss you! God Bless you as you continue your trip and safe return home.

  9. I recently had the priviallge of meeting the choir in Madras Oregon, I really enjoyed meeting them and was so happy to have purchased bottled water for them. The children have amazing voices! From my whole heart I wish them continued success with their journey! God Bless! Please let me know if they are ever in need of water and snacks again, as I work for a very large Senior Care Company and that I have the ability to get help from over the entire USA.

  10. I just saw Choir 35 today! They were absolutely amazing! I’m going to go see tomorrow concert as well.

  11. We love you in Wenatchee….you stole our hearts! Thank you and God bless.

  12. These children are amazing! I so enjoyed meeting them and listening to their music. What a blessing it was for us at Peaceful Valley Church in Elk, Wa. to experience these beautiful children and their love for the
    lord. I wish we could have had more personal time with each one of them, they are truly very inspiring. The adults were also wonderful and I loved meeting them too. I hope someday they will all return to our church again and bless us with their presens. God Bless you all. They definitly made a difference in my life.

  13. Hi Watoto kids and Uncle and Aunties,
    Your music continues to resound in our hearts here at the foot of Mt. Shasta! What a glorious experience for those of us in Yreka! Uncle Julius, we would love to have the opportunity to email you, but we did not get your contact. To Sam, Steven and Joshua we continue to pray for you as your near the end of your tour and travel home to your friends and familiar places. Payton, Tycen and Boden talk fondly of you and have mailed letters to you at Watoto! I have written Jonathan and look forward to hearing from him too! May God Bless each of you!
    Uncle Christian and Aunie Monique

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