Two Months To Go!!!

Finally choir 33 online!!!Well, our apologies to all that follow the choirs for not keeping you up todate but here we go; where do I start? I guess from the beginning.

Our tour started on the 12th of January inMassachusetts on a little island of Martha’s Vineyard; it was pretty because it was fall, it didn’t smell great because of dead skunks on the road but we had a great time.

The kids were amazed at the colour of the leaves, they had never seen anything like that in their lives. I must admit i  was a bit bewildered myself, the leaves reminded me of our ripe African mangoes!

Then came the chicken pox, the kids had it rough; some concerts were called off, which lead to a week off at a camp. The kids put up an incredible fashion show for the camp staff; it was unlike anything ever seen before, one of the items was the chicken pox cat walk or I should say chicken walk. We later had a concert at the camp and everyone was pleased. The kids recovered and ever since we have had no chicken pox but we are just eating the chicken and it tastes really good!

We have had great concerts and the response has been good even in this hard economic environment, the children have grown in all areas!

We just had our Christmas break in Danville PA at a big house, thanks to Barbara Walzer for offering her house to the choir for 11 days, we had a great time, we went swimming and some of the children learnt to float in the water almost immediately. We cooked African food, even the slow eaters were asking for seconds. It was a refreshing time indeed.

Now we are back on the road in Pennsylvania, its quite chilly here but we are keeping ourselves warm,the team is strong and the adult leaders are awesome. One of the concerts had to be cancelled because of the bad weather.

We want to thank everyone that has prayed for us and everyone who has responded to the need of the Ugandan children.

Two months to the end ofthis tour; watch this space.


  1. go go choir 33. choir 35 has 5 months to go,just to let you know. you are running a great race. remember that how you finish should just be a climax of your level of excellence. Go go choir 33. you are destined to win for gods glory.GO GO 33.ivani

  2. Hello Choir 33!

    I just happened about this blog from the Watoto page on Facebook of all places! We were so blessed to have you perform for our children’s school (Chapel School) and our church (Calvary Chapel of Westchester) in early December. Everyday our family listens to the Watoto CDs and pray for the beautiful children of Uganda and Watoto Childcare Ministries. We were blessed to host Uncle Duncan, Hussein and Julius in our home. My parents decided to sponsor Julius as a result of my constant chatter about the boys!

    I pray one day my family can travel to Uganda on a mission trip and be privileged to be a part of His work in the Watoto villages. In the meantime, I hope you are encouraged that you are being used by God to bless His people and stir up their hearts for good works!!!

    The Curro Family

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