Hello Everyone

Friends and Family all over the world. Warm greetings to everyone out there, Choir 36 has been on the road since 7th January and we have performed quite a number of concerts. We went to The Isle of Wight where Watoto had not been for the last 8 years. Everyone was so friendly and all the concerts were packed to capacity.

We also attended a service at the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London where Prince Charles and Diana (RIP) got married. The Children got to have a tour of the Cathedral and they also went up the winding staircase.

The Children also got to see snow for their very first time.

Below are pictures of the choir at the St. Thomas Square

Singing For God

Singing For God

The Boys Dancing

The Boys Dancing

Uncle Jesse

Uncle Jesse


  1. You guys just made the hair on my head worship just to see you all have more expanded clothes on… Jessy i know and feel the Jesus groove you have on

  2. Hi everyone, oli atya? I really enjoyed your concert and meeting you all at Amblecote Christian Centre on Tuesday 3rd March. I came with my husband and two friends, one from Uganda and one from Ruwanda. We all had a great time and would love to keep in touch with you if this is possible. In the mean time may The Lord bless you all and prosper the work of Watoto. Omukama akume xxx

  3. Why is my name and email address displayed on linked web sites and how can I remove it?

  4. Elaine i cannot see you email so it is just showing on your pc…

    This crew is making a mark please use your knees to say hello to them you will see results

  5. Thanks Emma,
    Watoto are just great aren’t they, the Lord is surely blessing them and making them a blessing to everyone who sees them.

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