More Testimonies

As we get close to the end of our tour, i have  been thinking about the impact choir 33 has had over the last 5 months and it is so hard to imagine! We have heard many reports about how the children have been a blessing to the people they have met. The children too have been blessed by being on this choir especially the ones that have been able to meet their sponsors.
We had a single mother with her son drive all the way from Canada to Buffalo, New York to visit their sponsor child, another family drove from Cincinnati to visit their sponsor child 6 hours away. Some of the meetings were God made coincidences; we were singing this morning at the national prayer breakfast in Washington DC and a gentleman recognized one of the boys singing on stage as his sponsor child and the two met for their very first time; it was awesome! There are many other sponsors who have done the same and the children were blessed to meet the people that have made a difference in  their lives. A Big Thank You to all the faithful sponsors of Watoto.The children love you and appreciate all you are doing to help them become the next generation of leaders.

Below is a note from one of the churches that hosted choir 33.

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful the concert was.  I was overwhelmed and truly spiritually touched by the children, adults and performance itself. The children were so generous with their hugs and smiles.

We had a tremendous turnout.  Our Church seats between 450 – 500 people and we had standing room only.  I was very pleased with the monetary contributions made by the attendees.  People were on their feet applauding their performance.
Watoto Children’s Choir is a blessing to all who get to participate in their performance and listen to them sing.

I spoke with the Host Families following the childrens and chaperones overnite stay with them, and all families had nothing but good things to say.

Thank you so much for getting our Church on  your schedule and being so helpful to me in bringing them to Clearfield.  It was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

What a blessing for God to work through simple children who were once hopeless but now are spreading  Hope and Love to the whole world!


  1. great going guys, we are so proud of you and the all the testimonies. we look forward to receiving you back.

    much love from uganda.

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