A Journey Of Faith

What originally was supposed to be a one and half day of travel, turned into a lesson of faith, patience and trust for 18 little Ugandan children and10 adults.

After three days of air travel and several flight cancellations, watoto choir 34 made it to Canada, to embark on the God given mission of being ambassadors of Christ and a voice to the 17 million orphans living in Africa. What better way to learn how to have faith in Jesus,than by being a team of 28, stranded at an airport with a delayed flight and another missed connection flight to Vancouver.

An impromptu night spent in London, Heathrow gave the children their first experience of a really cold winter night, the wonder of moving in a fast moving train, and a warm bowl of soup with a plate of salad which they giggled at and called “leaves”.


(picture of children at the airport)

That first experience was a lesson on faith… Or so we thought. 14 hours later we were in Toronto with another flight delay and a missed connection to Vancouver. Another impromptu night in Toronto. Now we thought lesson one was about faith. Well, lesson two drove it home, that it is not about simply having faith in Jesus, but complete/total faith in Him.

Thanks to a beautiful lady from British Airways (as described by the children), we were put up in a beautiful hotel, with big warm beds and memorable meals of bacon (mistaken for snakes by one of the children), pancakes , sausages and other foods they could not describe since it was their first time to eat them.


(Happy faces getting fed)

And thanks to another warm hearted lady at Air Canada desk who got four little girls seats on another over booked flight to Vancouver that left so many eager travelers behind; choir 34 finally made it to Vancouver.

Before 150 people at Living Waters Church, in Fort Langley, 18 little excited and nervous children put on their first concert that rocked and warmed the hearts of many people at this concert.

onstage-during-school-concert The choir during a school concert


Martha dancing away

concert-on-stage Wipolo song (Concert pictures)

It was an experience of true worship, total reliance on God. martha-worshippingDeep in worship: Mfalme

I am sure there are many of us in life that spend hours, making meticulous and articulate plans for different projects and assignments in life. We are always trying to be good business people, in a challenging , fast growing world and we always make room (plan B’s) for contigencies and unforeseen circumstances. (just like choir 34 that that prepared for 5 months for this journey.)

But, it is not until that we are caught in these unforeseen, impromptu circumstances that we realize how useless our plans are. And that , there is only one person in charge and that we have to completely surrender and trust Him with our lives. Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust in the Lord from the bottom of hearts, and that we should not try to figure out everything on our own.

We do not know what tomorrow brings, but one thing 10 adult leaders and 18 children are sure of on choir 34 is that, we serve a God who is bigger and mightier than anything else in the world. So we will reign victorious through Him , and with faith, love and boldness, continue to serve Him in all of life’s circumstances.


Team praying with pastor

We have vision and a dream that 2million of Africa’s most desperate children will be rescued, loved and brought up to be the future leaders of Africa through this six month assigned Journey in Canada. We have a dream that many will experience that undeniable joy and hope that comes with knowing someone as big and beautiful ,whom you can rely on.

Would you like to join us in this journey?

Log on to www.watoto.com/sponsorship and sponsor a child.


Stay with us as we live a life of continual transformation and grow together in Christ.

Rescue a child , Raise a leader and Rebuild a Nation.


  1. Glory to God for all the miracles! We serve a living God.May you continue to see his mercy and faithfulness throughout the tour. God’s blessings in all.

  2. Well done Sam and all the team!! I pray for more doors to be opened to you!

    Much love and prayers


  3. My prayers are for you, choir 34! I am Shivan Awumuza’s sponsor, Aunt Leigh. I am so happy to hear how you have been. God is so good!

  4. I was so blessed to hear those beautiful voices today! These children are a miracle of god and I hope they keep the spirt! To everyone in Choir 34 keep strong and god bless!!


    P.S. You guys totally made my whole family cry today (but shh)

  5. Mercy and Frederick!!! It’s fun to read about your tour! Hope to see you again…I’m waiting for the opportunity to travel and meet you. I’m getting married on May 24, 2009 in Minnesota! Exciting! Keep in touch as you travel and invest in those kids’ lives. You’re amazing!!!

  6. From Yorkton. We miss you guys and you are in our heart and in our minds forever. You have touched so many people’s lives and it was a blessing having you in Yorkton.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and many of the hosts wants to corrospond with you when you get home

    Eloise, Nathan, Tim and everyone in Yorkton

  7. Hi Choir 34 Team!

    We want to tell you guys how much we’ve enjoyed Choir 34. We had the privilege of hearing you 7 times while you were in central Newfoundland and feel very blessed to have had Uncle Brian, John and Innocent in our home for 5 nights while they were in our area. You guys are awesome!

    We will keep you are in our prayers and in our hearts as you continue your tour of Canada and as you return to Uganda!

    We love you guys!
    Barry and Arlene Elliott, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

  8. Blessings to the whole team!! Praying that God will continue to protect and strengthen you as you finish your Canadian tour. Again, my heart has been blessed to have had the opportunity to host Auntie Diana, Felista and Haufusa in our home. Our daughters Ashley and Hilary have been truly touched by your stories.This is our second visit from the choir and we look forward to more..

    May God richly bless you all. Keep up the great ministry..

    Claudia Burton, Baie Verte, Newfoundland

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