A Visit To Clevedon

Tuesday 10th- Thursday 12th of February, We went to Clevedon, England, and we had an amazing welcome by our host church, Clevedon Baptist Church. We met our host families and had lunch with them and proceeded to Bristol road Baptist church for our evening concert.

Arriving at Clevedon
lunch time
Watoto in concert

Mfalme – King Forever

On Thursday we went to a school called St. John the Evangelist and they were so excited to have us. Their school decided to start supporting Watoto this year and so during the lent season, they are going to fundraise for Watoto. They learnt a song “cast your burdens” which some of the children will dance to when they are fundraising.


Learning dance moves Watoto Children teaching some of the dance moves

Our children later got a chance to stretch their mucles and had a good time playing outside with the children of St. John’s. We then went to the pier to take a walk.
at the pierWe had a wonderful time and also had a trip to the BBC in Bristol and the children got to perform one of their favourite songs ” I am not Forgotten”

The concert we had at Clevedon Baptist church was packed and we had to turn down some people because there was no room.

A big thank you to all the hosting families of Clevedon and all the organisers. May God Bless you

1 Comment

  1. Hi Watoto!..

    Good to see you on this blessed Island!!.. Good work…

    I am praying for you… and will continue to pray for you..

    this blog is a great Idea!..

    Daisy and Paula, keep keeping on… May God strengthen you all with all power according to His Glorious might for all perserverance and endurance with Joy!!!…

    I saw the Choir yesterday in Sutton, (sorry i’m posting this on the Clevedon page).. It was such a blessing. and encouragement.
    Atleast one life has been changed.. Well i’m sure more than one life, as I noticed several people decided to sponsor children…


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