It’s Almost Over

Choir 33 on the road right now in Woodbridge Virginia. Whoever said tour is to be endured, just got it all wrong, coz we are enjoying every bit of it. We had never experienced such warm weather on this tour, its just like home! Only that the drastic transition between the cold and the warmer weather has triggered lots of colds and coughs amongst the children but that’s ok, we are managing well.

 Its so much fun on the road, been to so many exciting places, hit so many different churches and the response is amazing. Despite the ongoing economic depression in the United States, ministry is really happening, indeed the presence of God makes all the difference.

Its funny how we have been doing the same concert line up but how each night is different and people are impacted differently. The response is awesome!!! After the overnight interactions with host families, people come the next morning in need of children’s profiles! Now if that’s not God, then I don’t know what it is.

Also exciting, we were in Washington last week and sang at a dinner for senators , congressmen and African Ambassadors at Capitol Hill, this was proceeding our presence at the Prayer luncheon  earlier that morning, well, we missed His excellency President Obama, but not to worry, we have the most revered man, the prince of peace, Jesus Christ,  living right within our hearts.  But it was good rubbing shoulders with the dignitaries there, actually Hon.Tim Lwanga, the former state minister for Ethics and Integrity was present and it was nice talking to people about Watoto. The scripture in Psalms 113 really came alive, He indeed picks up the poor from out of the dirt, rescues the wretched who have been thrown out with the trash and He seats them in places of honour. That is literally what God has done for these children.

Following one of the concerts of hope, one person wrote that one little girl had given them a big hug and thanked them for having come for the concert….this was like a healing balm. ”She was an angel sent from God, all the hope that I had lost just came back to me in that simple hug” they said. God indeed uses the lowly of this world to bring shame to what the world deems important. Wow! Praise God!

 We were taken on a brief tour around DC; saw some memorial places like the Washington Monument, Capitol Hill, The Lincoln memorial, The Thomas Jefferson memorial, The Pentagon, we also caught a glimpse of the White House. We went to the National Space Museum and it was nice seeing the rockets and the US navy planes. We also saw the fighter pilot movie at an Imax theatre, we have some aspiring pilots on the team and Fred, a 14 year old was quoted,” I wanted to enter the screen and fly the planes.” The boys especially were so intrigued and James, (11) really admired the pilots’ uniforms.

Hmm, let me talk about our home in Danville, PA. We were there for our Christmas break, just about 10 days of no concerts and just thawing out. Was that refreshing or what! Highlights-we cooked Ugandan food almost every other day and the children were so excited, they loved taking turns in the kitchen, the amount of snow in PA was amazing, I think about a foot or so. And of course the cold to follow. We were just like hibernating bears with a movie almost every night ….Well its now payback time and we are indeed grateful for the warm weather while it lasts, before we return to Maryland.

The countdown is on and some people surely don’t want the tour to end, sometimes it feels like the days have passed by so fast….its amazing how short 6 months can be. The children have surely had a ball, they are excited about returning home but they love the tour experience absolutely, so they are torn between the two but of course we will go home, and while the tour still lasts, we shall indeed make the most out of it.

For the Children

Dorcas Biyinzika


  1. I am a member of Hope Chapel in Amelia, Virginia and had the pleasure of meeting and listening to the choir last night, Feb 25, 2009. Their testimonies, love and faith in Jesus truly touched me. I had once dreamed of voluteer or missionary work in other countries. These children rejuvinated that dream and I will lift this dream in prayer to see if this in the path God has for me. I plan to be a sponsor and make a difference whether it be in person or by mail. I thank God and the children for the great works being done. I was truley blessed last night by their visit and it will forever be in my heart and memories of their faces and smiles. Thank you. Wendy

  2. Yesterday, February 26, 2009 was my first time experiencing the Watoto Choir. I enjoyed it so much and they were such an inspiration. After the concert, I was talking with my friend and I told her that I thank God for my blessings because the little things that may bring me down are nothing compared to what these children had to go through and that nobody has the right to complain about anything. I saw the joy in those children’s eye and to see how grateful they are brought tears to my eyes.

    My mom had the opportunity to spend quality time with two of the Watoto Choir’s children, Grace and Crystal and their chaperone Percilla, because she volunteered to be a host. It was a great opportunity to spend time with them, they are so respectful. Although you spend a few hours with them, you learn to love them and even want to keep them 😉 they even inspired to want to volunteer for a year at Uganda for the Watoto organization after I graduate from college with a nursing degree in a few years and I’m really excited! So look out for me and God bless!

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