Learning On The Road

Some of the most important things to the children on the current tour is schooling and attaining invaluable skills. Every week the children have a chance to do their school work with the help of their uncles and aunties. Much of the work is done on the bus during long drives and the children get to do exercises and tests. Some of the subjects done on the road are Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Reading and writing.

One highlight is the improvement in their English speaking. Some of the statements they make get us laughing –like “I don’t know how the annoyed comes” to mean I don’t know how I get angry or sulky.

In addition to school work, the children get to attain invaluable skills like self generated initiative, learning to be grateful and appreciative, being helpful and setting examples for others to follow. It is always wonderful to see them develop in their character. It’s never easy but they get to help us develop patience as we help them become better leaders. They also are learning how to make good choices since they know that every choice has its consequences.

Spirituality is not left aside; the children get a chance to have devotions to nourish their spiritual lives. This helps them keep in shape and develop into the kind of leaders God would love to use to influence the world for the better.

Alice and Julius taking their first test on the bus

Alice and Julius taking their first exam on the bus


James Kisitu doing a mathematics exercise on the bus


John waakisa and Kelly Patricia taking a mathematics test

Glaida Namugumya busy with school work

Glaida Namugumya busy with school work.

The purpose of all this is to help these children to get amazing opportunities that will help them in attaining a great future full of purpose.

Thanks to the partners around the world that make this possible through their support and sponsorship.

Partner with us today and join watoto’s family of sponsors by logging on to www.watoto.com/sponsorship

“Rescue a child, raise a leader and rebuild a nation.”


  1. We had the pleasure of seeing The Watoto Children’s Choir # 34 preform in our church. We also had the blessing of hosting Uncle Fredrick, James and Tadeo in our home. We enjoyed getting to know them and pray that God will bless them richly as they finish their tour.

  2. The Watoto choir performed at our church, St. Peter’s Lutheran in Williamsburg, Ontario this week. We not only had the pleasure of enjoying the choir performance, but also hosted Uncle Fredrick and James and Tadeo overnight at our house. My daughter and granddaughter, Kim and Paige Kirkwood, hosted Aunt Sandra with Martha and Glaida. This was certainly an enjoyable experience – these children are fantastic and what they are receiving from Watoto is a real blessing. They are well mannered, polite, respectful and very appreciative of even the smallest gesture. May God watch over them and help them fulfill their dreams for the future.

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