Talk about A Reward For Hardwork

Our tour in the province of Alberta ended in style as the choir was treated to a simple but unique and homely party. This came in good time because the past few weeks had been so busy that there was almost no time left to play or have fun-it being winter here in Canada.

It was a Friday evening after two school concerts, one in the morning and the other in the early afternoon that this auspicious long awaited for moment came to reality. We had a variety of home-made dishes and a great attendance of warm hearted people-members of the Grand center Alliance church, Cold Lake, who spent the evening with us.


Some of the Grand Alliance church members at the party.


Enjoying a sumptuous meal.

After the dinner we had a chance to play a variety of games in the school gym, adults and the children together, for about two hours. Most interestingly every child and most Uncles and Aunties had a chance to have rides on the quads and the skidoos.


Adults having fun

alice and Benneth making the most of the moment

Alice and Benneth making the most of the moment


Alice Having fun


Felista, Glaida and Benneth having fun</p

Go for it Julius

Go for it Julius!!

martha challenging the boys
Martha Challenging the boys

One thing that comes to mind here is the fact that God has us at the center of his heart. He plans our steps and guides our paths. He too rewards us for our faithfulness in serving him with a pure and honest heart. I found this party as one of those rewards for hard work, but I know there are even greater rewards for the faithfulness of the children’s choirs as written in Hebrews 6:10

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  1. My husband David and I had the priviledge of hosting Auntie Amy, Alice, Kelly and Shivan at our home Sunday evening through Tuesday morning.
    What a blessing.

    The girls were very polite and well behaved. We learned a lot about Uganda and hopefully they learned a bit about our culture. They enjoyed some an Acadian dessert “Poutine a trou” with some maple syrup and we all danced to the choir’s CD! They liked our dog, Lola and Lola missed them when they left.

    What fun we all had.

    Girls, stay safe on your trip and thank you for your visit. God Bless!

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