Choir 35 with Chris Tomlin

The long awaited day with Chris Tomlin finally arrived!!
The Watoto bus rolled in at the Gibson Amphitheater next to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. This building seats 6000 people at one go and the the tickets for that evening where totally sold out. The children were really excited.

Joshua pointing at the amphitheater with excitment

Joshua pointing at the amphitheater with excitment

Little Hajara calmly waits for the next instruction

Little Hajara calmly waits for the next instruction

The children doing a sound check with Chris

a soundcheck with Chris

A soundcheck with Chris

Isreal Houghton spiced up the evening as the curtain raiser before Chris Tomlin came on stage. The atmosphere of worship was so great as the songs were sang and the testimonies given by Isreal and Chris.

Then Chris got into talking about how he had met the Watoto Children’s Choir last year. He then he invited the chior to come on stage amidst cheers from the crowd.

As the song “Love” was sang, people could not hold back their emotions as tears rolled down their faces. No words can explain the moment of worship that the kids experienced as they sang the song.

Chris Tomlin with the watoto childrens choir in LA

Chris Tomlin with the Watoto Childrens Choir in LA

When the song ended there was a thunderous applause from the congregation as the children walked off the stage.
But Chris wasn’t done with the choir. He requested that the children sing the song “sing” with Him at the end of the concert in free style.

There was one problem with that. These children know the language of very free style. Fortunatly that is exactly what Chris wanted and that is exactly what they gave him.One of the guitarists, Jesse had to move a little to the side as the children danced around and sang with so much joy on their faces. By the time Jesse had the chance to get his position back, the concert had come to an end 🙂 .

sing sing sing and make music with the heavens

Sing sing sing and make music with the heavens

ooooooooh Make some noise

Ooooooooh make some noise

Guitars up for the climax of the song

Guitars up for the climax of the song

“I wonder what it will all be like in heaven.”

Chris Tomlin ,Isreal Houghton and the Watoto Childrens Choir gave the audience a peek into heavenly worship.

Will you be there to experience what God has prepared for those that love him?

A place of love joy and peace with his presence forever.


  1. Wow!! What a blessing these children are! I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to hear Chris talk about them in concert – wish I could have seen this show. I’m sure the amazing photos don’t do it justice. May God bless you all and continue to bring broader exposure to your cause!

  2. Time and time again, God amazes me with the kids stories, pics and awesome message !! When i’m down i only have to look at these wonderfull children and they lift me up, up and up!
    My joy overflows and God speaks to me again of a message of love and hope!
    Never ever stop “The Love” i was told once by one of your choirleaders. May it never stop and heal the world!

  3. What an amazing night with Chris Tomlin. My wife and I and several friends were able to be blessed by the “surprise” appearance of the Watoto Childrens Choir that night. It was incredible, the joy and life they fearlessly shared with such a huge audiance. We are doubly blessed to be hosting them in March at Lifehouse Church, Northridge, CA.

  4. thank you very much watoto children and their chaporones we had blast may the lord continue to use you through your music to reach out to those that are lost . love you guys and remember you are always going to be close to our hearts and prayers ok. oh ya can you say hi to arnie and dorthy for us tell them they will be missed too. tthey are great… love u guys.emcf

  5. Brought tears to my eyes…We hosted Ivan & Olive last year when they were auntie & uncle on the choir who came to Germany, and now they are leading their own choir tour, and leading the choir in performing at such a large venue…I am so proud of you! Praise God

  6. Yes these children are a blessing indeed…we just had choir 37 visit our church and I was doubly blessed…makes me miss home and the vibrancy of our services.
    I recently lost my gran and was feeling a bit low today but they cheered me up with their message.May God continue to bless them and all the people who are involved.

  7. Ivan! I will not forget to pray for your remaining weeks in the US. Remember when we get to the kingom, you will teach me to dance so I can worship with you (smile).

    Brother in Christ,

    • i will remember to carry the drums when we get to heaven. you don’t have to come with dancing shoes. your feet will do the job

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