The Road is here..

Choir 37 is finally on the road……..Yay!!!

We left Uganda on Easter Sunday at 3pm, with the whole team looking forward to the tour. We arrived in Beijing, China on Tuesday and will stay here for two weeks then head on to Hong Kong.

The children are really up to doing this and are excited about what the next months could turn out to be like!

Choir 37, here we go!!

Choir 37 arrives

Choir 37 arrives


  1. Thank you for the excellent and impressive show today in Hong Kong!

  2. Greetings… It is too bad you guys have so many adults carrying the choirs unlike the African Children’s Choir that actually focuses on the children completely.

  3. Hi Jess,

    Each Watoto Children’s Choir is made up of 18 children and 10 adults. Now when children travel, they continue with everyday life like education and play time. The adults traveling with the children help the children, especially with duties that children cannot perform. Each of the adults has a role that is crucial for the development of the child:
    – 1 Team leader: provides leadership to the team, coordinating all the activities of the team with Watoto office and the area the choir is visiting
    – 1 Choir conductor: gives direction to the choir during a performance and also watch over the production of the concerts
    – 1 Sound technician:
    – 1 Media administrator: takes care of audio/visual elements in the production like videos, power point presentation etc
    – 4 Back-up singers: Much as the children travel for a noble cause –which is to raise awareness and funds – we cannot compromise their education and normal life in the village. It takes at least not less than 6 months of rigorous training for the children to be ready for tour. And a tour usually lasts another 6 months. The adult back-up singers make it easy for the children. If the children were left alone on stage, it means at least a year of training for their voices to be ready for performance. We do not encourage children to be away from school and the village for more than a year. By the way, we donot recylce choir members. Each choir is made up of children who have never travelled before
    – 2 Resource administrators: coordinate merchandise, sponsorship and other resources

    The adults do the work so that children can be children; play, rest, study…yes, the study. These adults are also trained to help children with their school work while on the road. They prepare the children for exams so that when they children return from tour, they are not completely left behind.

    But most of all, these adults double as care givers to the children. This is their primary role. Now in Uganda, and I’m sure any part of the world, child protection is a crucial role of parents, guardians and any adult.

    This is the policy that we use at Watoto. Children cannot be left unattended. So every adult must be with a child, all the time and wherever. With a ration of 18 children to 10 adults, this enables each child to be cared for – each adult will be with not more than three children to attend to.

    You also have to take into consideration that these children have a come from a background where they were once left alone, some were rejected and abandoned. So at Watoto, we create an environment for children to be safe, especially with the presence of a loving adult watching over them. Even when on stage, children feel comfortable and confident knowing that an adult is standing and singing with them, especially since they are in a foreign land.

    And it’s not just the choir but the whole Watoto model is based on this policy. Our villages are not like dormitories with a matron looking after a 100 children. Instead, we build single dwelling shelters, a home that houses 8 children with a foster mother – 8 is an average number for a typical African family. So this mother is able to aquate attension to the children. At our Babies’ Home, a nanny looks after 3 to 4 babies. the same is reflected at Watoto school, churches etc…, generally, we try to create a setting that enables children to grow with the sense of belonging and care from loving adults. And these adults inspire them to be attain their full potential

  4. This is an excellent set up for all involved! Thanks for sharing this information. May God mighty bless this ministry 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    I saw one of your choirs two years ago and they were truely inspirational. I am now settled in Christchurch, New Zealand and wonder if and when the choir is going to be coming here?

    Kia Kaha


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