Choir 37 in Hong Kong

The choir got to Hong Kong from China on the 21st of April. The team was glad to have another Asian experience in Hong Kong. The choir will be here for three weeks of which one is down already.

The choir has visited some great places in Hong Kong already….the Peak, which is the highest point in Hong Kong and while up there, most of Hong Kong can be seen. The view up on the peak was a great one,as we watched the lights on different buildings….different TALL buildings…

The choir will be visiting Disney land and Ocean park very soon, and yes, the children are really excited about that! The concerts have been great, and many people have picked alot of interest in the cause of Watoto and especially on the sponsorship end. Thanks to all those who have responded and all those who have come to the concerts…..

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  1. My children Andres (4th grade) and Santiago (2nd grade) -students at Laurel Mountain Elementary (LME) in Austin TX- told me about the Watoto Children’s Choir performance held at their school on Jan 6th, 2010. Andres and Santiago were fascinated by listening the Choir perform and told me about the songs, rhythms and members of this wonderful organization.

    Our school has been ‘linked’ -for several years now- to Uganda through the ‘Libraries of Love’ project led by our wonderful Librarian Trudy Marshall. This cultural link between the people of Austin and Uganda has enriched the lives of my children in multiple ways and the Watoto Choir’s visit is a testament of what the children of both countries can share now and in the future.

    I much appreciate and admire the work of the Watoto Choir and I thank you very much for sharing this experience with the students at LME.

    Best regards,

    Ruben Campos
    LME Parent, Austin TX.

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