6 Weeks to go….

The long awaited Midwest and southern USA Watoto children’s choir visit is coming soon….

The journey will begin this September starting from Denver Colorado going down south. Some of the states to be visited include Texas, Arizona, Oklohama, New Mexico, Louisiana…

Get ready for an intense African culture-contemporary sound mixed with serious African dance and worship…

See you there…


  1. If you think God has stopped working; then you have to get a new thinking Hard Drive God has just started working. This is going to be a place where God is going to use very young lads to make a mark… Keep your page open and see what God can do.

    much love

  2. I can’t wait to read about the trip to USA. Our sponsor child went there and would love to see some pics. Go for it Jane and the rest of the choir, god bless you all. Hope you had heaps for fun.

  3. Get Ready for goose bumps people, Seriously! These children are angels.

  4. guys, you are a blessing…you’ve left after blessing us here in Uganda and i believe its gonna be a mega time in USA

  5. My sponsor child Josephine is on this tour. Just received a letter today about all the fun you guys are having over there.
    Big hugs & kisses to Josephine, all watoto children & leaders.
    God bless you all xx
    Take care

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