This far we have come by God’s Grace

God has been as faithful as ever. We are all fine, healthy, alive and excited.

We will be going to Longmont, Colorado, tomorrow, after which we will be traveling to Denver.

The children are very excited about possibly seeing snow and getting to play in it .

We were honored to sing at this year’s Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference with Delirious? and Israel Houghton. Joyce Meyer and a number of guest speakers brought powerful messages challenging the women to purposely and aggressively help other people and start a Love Revolution. Overall, the conference was an incredible time of love, laughter and life.

We are looking forward to ministering in other cities over the coming months.

Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support.

those are the boys and girls making it happen...making us piroud
The boys and girls making it happen… making us proud
watoto performing  with Martin smith and israel at Joyce Meyer's Love Revolution conference
The Watoto Children’s Choir performing with Martin Smith and Israel Houghton
better view of the children with Martin smith performing
The children with Martin Smith on stage
Great smile from Kawalya Andrew enjoying the sermon....
Kawalya Andrew enjoying the sermon
Joyce feeding the was a great sermon...
Joyce Meyer passionately preaching
'Hakuna Mungu' the song that made the audience get up from their seats..and that is Gladys performing..
The song ‘Hakuna Mungu’ got the audience up  out of their seats
Beautiful smile from our little boy - Swaibu
Beautiful smile from our boy, Swaibu
'let your light shine'
The kids letting their light shine

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  1. it was all massive from the start whenn they perfomed at watoto church central. It couldn’t fail to leave texas bazing

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