Still Going Strong!

God has been so good as always, life is smooth, everyone is healthyand fit.

We are currently recording for Chris Tomlin in Arkansas, Hot springs. We have been all around, from Oklahoma, New Mexico to Texas and back.

We are now in Arkansas, still energized and looking forward to meeting new people, places and bless them with the love and hope that Jesus has given to us.

The last couple of months we have been blessed by the people we have met.

We would like to thank all the hosts that have worked so hard to have us enjoy our visit we love you.

God bless you.

Team leader Auntie Paula sharing her heart out

Brenda Sharon having so much fun on stage,she's just lost her front two teeth

Josephine with a beautiful smile

Auntie Gldys on the mic doing Hakuna Mungu song

Imelda dancing

Group picture please

Auntie Maria testifying of the Lord's goodness

Choir 38 children on the riser

Paul our future bus driver trying it out with a piece of paper.

Gone shopping

Great smiles from Aunties,Paula and Gladys

The ladies' day out

Discussing the game plan...Uncle Mike,Auntie Dorcas and Auntie Maria

Uncle Fred singing out passionately

The great drummers