Choir 40’s Last Days at Home Before Tour

Every one is busy running up and down ensuring that all is ready.

Its amazing what happens behind the scenes before a concert – a tour extra. Most of us are interested in the finished product the block buster movie, red carpet.

Lets go back stage where are the children’s costumes, drum covers, hats, do u have the videos yet, guys we are starting at 12 implies in 5 minutes, meanwhile if you are reading this it means I’ve learnt the blogging process.

The pressure is at it’s peak…

Here are some shots

Auntie Joshanne teaching the children how to dance

Children with funny faces

James getting information about medication before tour

Other Choirs in the Watoto Church auditorium doing final touches

Choir 40 is currently in Still Wood camp, Canada we arrived safely, this must be the warmer part of Canada.

The children are adjusting to eating salad which trust me isn’t easy but we’ll get there.

All is well..

God bless you

Uncle Enock Tuunde


  1. I was privileged to be at Stillwood at the same time as the children’s choir and was invited to see and hear you all perform. It was truly a special gift from God. I pray God’s richest blessings and His protection over all of you during your tour. I know that you will be a wonderful blessing to all those who attend your concerts.

    Oh, and yes, the west coast is the warmest part of Canada – and it rains a lot too!

    Love from your sister in Christ

  2. We just got home from seeing your choir perform in Victoria, B.C. It was exhilarating, but at the same time, extremely touching. It left us all in a celabratory and reflective mood! You have encouraged my 8 year old daughter, who upon seeing girls her own age priaisng the Lord, to write her own “Love letter to God” thaking Him for the good gifts He has given us. With your CD playing in the background, I look at the picture she has drawn at the bottom of her letter that shows her holding hands with her “African friends” in front of a globe, and I, too, am thanking God for the good gift He gave us tonight. Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

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