Our Week In Pictures

It is safe to say that we have had a wet week but with warm-hearted people,we finally started our concerts!

We had one on Saturday and everything went according to plan,then two on Sunday.

Though exhausted,the team was incredible and now we’re enjoying the  long awaited “Day-off”…. Thank God!

But thumbs up to all that have helped us thus far.

God Bless you all.

"The making"

Ladies were thinking twice

The medium of transport

HelpOur beautiful girls
opportunity to see people's true colours.

The best part of the day

Our get-a-way

well....... they were just excited

Can you see us?


  1. It looks like your all haveing fun and it’s great to see you all smile. I saw you all sing and dance and tell us your stories at St.Richards with St.Andrews school church on Thursday 28th January and I must say your all amazing my little brother was also there in the Justis group and would like to become a pen pal with one of the children thankyou so much for coming

  2. Thank God u guys arrived safely..so wat were the ladiesthinkin twice abt julius?n pliz post more photos esp for the kids…thax

  3. Hey ladies, i don’t know about you but as for i’ll make use of the boot…Julius says

  4. Hello Julius.

    Thank-you all for such wonderful blessing. I will never forget you guy’s.
    Julius, so happy to see you guy’s enjoyed your visit to Cananda. I will visiting you guy’s soon. I will be helping build a spa or helping train ladies to do nails.
    I don’t know if you remember me or not. I was the girl that came up to you and wanted to have picture taken with choir. And wanted to give the children cookies that I made them. Anyway, I needed up getting them on the bus before they left. Was, wondering I met Mable and was wonderfung if she has access to computer? And,if so I would love to keep in touch with her. I know this letter is long but I wanted you to know it was a pleasure meeting you. And, I hope to see you and the children again soon. God bless you!
    I was at the Glad Tiding church at both services. I was the lady sitting behind you while you were adjusting the mikes and while the children were practing.
    It was early in the morning. I am thankful for the memories.

    Have a wonderflul day!

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