Here & There!

It’s now official that we’re out of Vancouver but not for good…..(I hope), however we leave with great memories at heart.

Memories of our lovely hosts, people that have come to attend our concerts of hope, pastors that have invited us to their churches and helped us to make these concerts of hope a great success.

The sponsors that came to our different concerts and made their sponsored children feel more than special and then, our ever present staff that even invited us to their offices in Victoria so that we see how much energy,time,resource and Prayer  this tour has and is still taking to put it all together!

We are and will always be great full….. Great Job! Watoto Canada Staff!!Great Job!

So finally, for those that were not able to be where we were, here are some pictures for you,we were thinking of you and to those that are yet to have us or even those wishing to,we just can’t wait to come and glorify the Lord!

God bless all of you!



  1. Thank you so much for visiting and performing in our church in Enderby! Everyone was absolutly amazing and such an inspiration to everyone there! We pray that the rest of your trip runs smoothly and that you continue your amazing adventure!! Thank you! The Collins Family

  2. We enjoyed you when you came to arizona… you sang at gilburt family church, i was so moved… I would like to know if you will be able to bless us with your presence again…. i am praying that you will be able to.

    We will look forward to seeing you again.. God has worked miracles through you and your choir

    God bless you

    The Nelsons

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