Our last performance was today at Lakewood church it was a lot fun, the congregation was so lively, the children were so excited the spirit of the Lord was so evident in the 16,000 seater Auditorium, we were welcomed with such warmth that we felt as though we were home, everyone was so friendly and kind.

We got to perform two songs, one with Israel Houghton and the other was one of Watoto’s new songs – Hakuna Mungu. We are so thankful for everyone that made this happen.

May God richly bless y’all.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken…

recording at Lake wood churh studio the song so great...

Uncle Nicholas,Uncle Eugene our USA Director,and Auntie Sharon pose for a photo in Lakewwod church..

Our children on stage singing with the lakewood choir

ladies and gentlemen introducing team 38 to Lakewood church Houston by Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen...

lakewood sanctuary...

choir 38 Dancing to Hakuna Mungu song

Ronus,Swaibu,Vincent and Precious worshipping......

Paul in action...

'HAKUNA MUNGU' The song that moved the congregation out of their seats..

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