Approaching Mid-tour

Approaching mid-tour

Choir 40 is in the midst of touring Canada the winds have been favourable and the ship is sailing well so far. Captain Julius and co-captain joshanne are doing a great job.

British Columbia is a great place so far. The harvest has been good in some places, while in others we stayed on our knees. Are we tired?  I wouldn’t say so, more like PUMPED.

The past few days we’ve been in Prince Rupert west coast close to the Pacific Ocean, sorry, you wont find any salmon, we ate them all. We are looking forward to the next half of the tour.

Highlights so far: singing at events in the recently ended winter Olympics, visiting the Watoto offices in Victoria, B.C. ; singing twice at Vancouver Airport, numerous radio and T.V interviews, there is still more to come

If you are wondering how to donate to Watoto: Click here, Sponsor a watoto child today: Click here.

Tell us how watoto children’s choir impacted your area.

Thank you from Enock Tuunde

Here are some photos

Ready or not here I come

Sponsorship Auntie Dora getting all the help

Social workers rescuing vulnerable children

Product tables calling you by name

Stomp the yard part 40


  1. you just left us here in Houston BC this morning…I just want to thank you so very much visiting us….your concert was a blessing to watch, and Fiona and Peace were a blessing to have in my house…please come again….blessings!

  2. Hey Choir 40!

    Missing you guys terribly in Vancouver… seems like ages ago since you left! Sounds like everything is going well on your continued adventures. Glad that you have now had the chance to experience playing in the snow! Please say hi to all of the kids and the rest of the team for me!

    Blessing to you!
    Michelle 🙂

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