Choir 39 Scotland

The children take some time to pose before the camera before sound check in Frazerburgh, Scotland

meet choir 39 foot ball team ready to go against any team that wants to be beaten. We have been training for four months and are fit for any challenge.

They even train with the best quality ball with the best colour for maximum vision. some of them have different  t-shirts just to confuse the unsuspecting opponents and they dont need a grass field for training. Any place will do the job.

a trip to the zoo keeps makes us home sick. We miss the animals in africa but hey we can find them here as well.

Fraserburgh at the Assemblies of God church.

in africa, we don’t have horses to ride. But Paul and Iduma have a plan B

Edith and carol at the tables where all kinds of african stuff can be found.

Kodak moments with Judith Michelle and aunt Alex

peace to the people. Aunt Alex and aunt Edith have some fun

we look cool in these glasses. A 3d movie awaits us concert in Elesund at the Amfi mall in Norway. it was a blast

on a boat in Norway. Sam, Perry, Olive and Ivan

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