Moments in Georgia

God has been good to us while in this big state. We are amazed at the hospitality of all the people we met in Atlanta and cities near and far. We visited many schools and churches, all with huge hearts of compassion and love. We also experienced God’s hand of grace. Lives were changed and people had personal encounters with God in the Concerts of Hope. The children have made many wonderful friends, particularly with students in Georgia schools. Here’s a look at some memorable moments along our tour:


This is how ready they were for the concert!

Good to go

Girls performing a cultural dance

Beautiful day at Free Chapel ~ Thank you FC for hosting us!

Joyful dancing ~ Uncle Alex & Aunt Stella grooving along with the kids

Beautiful Ending ~ All to the glory of God


Watoto Tour Coordinator Sherry Hanson and Ron Clark at a banquet in Atlanta

We felt incredibly welcome

The children enjoyed dancing for each other

Watoto in concert at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta

Only one more month here in the US… We can hardly believe it’s been 5 months already. Huge THANKS to all that welcomed us with open arms into their homes, churches, schools and lives. We are forever grateful. For more photos, videos and other updates, be sure to join our Facebook Group,  Watoto US Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. We love you!


  1. Stephen & Family,
    Thank you so much for coming to Brunswick & St Simons. The concert was great. Cathy, the boy’s, and I enjoyed spending time with y’all.
    I look forward to our paths crossing again.
    Paul Hegeman

  2. Thanks for the update . Love seeing God use these special beings . His glorious light really is shining and making huge impact on those . Whom they are in the midst of . God bless each one of these children and the whole Watoto ministry staff .

  3. I was in a chuch in Maine, Crossroads Bible Church and they had a pastor from Kenya and it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen! All he used for music were his hands and feet and his voice and he sang in english and also his native tongue and the SPIRITS presence was incredible!!!!!

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