A Beautiful Week

We just rounded our 13th week on the road. We are right at the halfway point and having a blast!

From Daylesford to Mount Beauty… what a week. Thank you everyone that turned up for the Concerts of HOPE. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly.

We shall spend the day off here in Mount Beauty and enjoy what God created. Such beauty with highlands unfolding – you would think one is just drawing them as you drive… God is the greatest artist of all… May be our first snow trip?! hmmmmmmmm!!!

Thank you all for a great week and God richly bless you! 42.


  1. Hi Watoto!
    I can’t wait to see you in August!! I LOVE YOU WATOTO, you are AWESOME!
    Am really excited to see you!

    Safe Journey!

  2. Hi Watoto,

    it is so amazing and it brings joy to my heart to see that you are doing amazing work and you are having a great time. i love you guys and wish you all the best. its good you had a beautiful week and i believe you are going to have many of those. God bless you so much.

    Enjoy yourselves.


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