at the half way mark

God is good! We are just over the half way mark and we have enjoyed our 14th week on the road as we drove all he way from Mt. Beauty up till frankston.

Offsourse the beauty in Mt. Beauty will emain with us, being sandwiched between very very huge mountains. The name totally describes this town and the people there are as beautiful, we loved our time there.

After that was Mooroopna and that was a fab time for us as well. Culcairn was also good to us and not as cold as we thought it would be and I know some people that would beg to differ…hahahhhahahahahaha!… Thank you so much the administrations of Billabong High School (culcairn) and St. John’s Lutheran Primary School for giving us the opportunity to visit your schools and interact with your students. It was good fro our children and we had so much fun over there.

Victory life church, Faith City church… thank you so much for giving us two fab nights back to back..we enjoyed our time at you churches and we were just so totally blessed.. The presence of God was present at everyone of these concerts and it was so good to see peoples hands lifted up in worship as the children sang ‘..YOUR LOVE ENDURES FOREVER..”.. It was such a blessing to see you join the children in doing what they love to do…sing for their God.. It was so much fun.

Thank you so much Mr. Leigh thorne for your love and committment to Watoto.. You just set us up with one of the most generous men in Ron Smith and what exposure we received through that effort..we are eternally grateful and the McDonalds after that…a special treat!…thank you so much…

The family at Peninsula city Church…thank you so much for your generosity as always the nature of Australians… We had a blessed time with you..thanks Terry and the team… We love you too. 

 Thank you all for making this yet another great week for the children Australia.. We love you and God bless you. Choir 42.


  1. Oh, it’s great to hear about the Australia group! I’ve been waiting to hear how the tour has been going. How’s our boy, Samuel, doing? I hope he is enjoying this experience!

    God bless you!


    • Samuel is doing very well and is just a handsome young man with a sweet spirit. His uncle Nicholas is doing a great job caring for him. Thanks for all that you do for him. God bless you Shelley.
      Choir 42.

  2. Hello Watoto Choir 42

    We are looking forward to having you come to Christchurch, New Zealand, and hosting some of you in our home,although it won’t be as warm over here as Ausie, so wrap up warm! I have just been in Uganda working with children in schools, many of whom have been orphaned. I have come home with wonderful experiences to share about the incredible things that God’s Grace and Love accomplished in the hearts of children across Uganda. I hope that I can share some of these stories with you. May God richly bless you as you continue your tour. See you soon! Steve.

  3. Hi Shelley

    We had Samuel stay with us in Christchurch, and He was an absolute delight and pleasure to host, as were the other children. He indeed has a sweet spirit, and a lovely gentle hearted nature. He was also wonderfully creative with our lego set as well! The children are true ambassadors of Uganda, may God Bless them as they continue to tour our beautiful country.


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