Choir 43 is getting Psyched!!

The Girls

We have 4 days left here in Uganda and we are fully pumped for the our upcoming tour.

We shall be touring Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hongkong.

We had our 1st Concert of Hope, in Kyengera, Uganda at Watoto Church West.

Here are some highlights:

Choir in Action

Paka Chini!

Dancing for Jesus

The children and the adults are totally hyped and we cannot wait to begin this awesome adventure.

One word: Hyped!

Thank you to all our friends around the world who have made this possible.

Choir 43


  1. I heard one of the choirs in the States (Ahoskie, North Carolina) and was totally blessed! Also sponosring a young man. We pray for all the children and for all of Watoto. Whenever a choir is back in this area, I will try to be there. God bless.

  2. Thank you for blessing us here in Singapore! I totally love your creativity and artistic talents. I went to 3 concerts because I couldn’t get enough of it! 🙂 I’m so amazed by your energy and professionalism. You gave your best in all. I’m very blessed when I see young children praising the Lord. Despite the plight and hardships they faced in life, they remind me of what it means to be rich in the Lord, to give and love without reserve. Thank you. Please send my love to the two girls I met, Viola and Juliet, and Evelyn. You might not remember me, but you will be in my prayers. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  3. HI~ I am Mei, a volunteer in the concert in Hualien. I love yours lively performance touching my heart so much. I remember that we visited the ocean park and had the great time. You guys are so nice and kindly. Hope u can still have amazing shows in the rest performances. God bless children in the wrold and Watoto! Hope I could still be volunteer when u guys come to Taiwan next itme.

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