New Zealand beckons..!

God is good! Always… we have witnessed and seen the goodness of God before our very own eyes as each day has folded out to be what God ordained for it to be. From the outset, the committment and enthusiasm with which this amazing family of children and adults, shows to Jesus, is a tremendous blessing to those that the choir has had the privilege of ministering to and also the members of the choir. It’s a privilege to serve alongside these great children, women and men that God has called to speak on behalf of those He wants to rescue and raise for His own glory.

All the way from Mooroopna to Mt. Evelyn, Rosebud, Warragul, Eden, Maitland and currently in Ballina, God has just blessed us and we know that the generosity of His people in Australia is out of their comittment to the love we share in Jesus and His Kingdom and also because of the evidence of a sure work that God has begun in every one of the lives that these children represent. The stories are real but the love and hope they express is greater and is also contagious. It has warmed the hearts of many and they have been moved to do something about it and for that, we are eternally grateful to you Australia.

We have enjoyed your beautiful country and the people. Thank you for opening your hearts and for some, your homes to us. We know that God is going to greatly reward you for your generosity towards His children.

We now set our sights on our final week in Australia as we head to Byron Bay and end up iin Brisbane where we shall leave to go to New Zealand for a month (starting 25th August) and eturn 30th September, be in Brisbane and the area around for a week before we head home on the 6th of October. In otherwords, we have 6 weeks to go.

Look at some of the choir pictures of Watoto Children’s Choir 42.

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  1. I have been seeing your concerts for a few years now, and I have loved all of them! Thankyou so much for doing those concerts for us, I went to the one in Maitland, it was AWESOME! Thankyou so much watoto, when I first heard of you and went to your concert a few years ago, you touched my heart so much, I decided that when I grow up I’m going to Africa and helping kids who are less fortunate then me. Thanks again watoto!
    Tutaonana (see you later)
    Love from one of ur biggest fans!

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