The choir left Uganda on the 20th of July for Singapore. All the children were looking forward to starting the tour, especially since this is the first of its kind. We arrived well, with Uncle Mark and Uncle Sunny and all the World Vision volunteers waiting to give the children a great welcome.

Concerts were totally fabulous and we had a lovely time going to different schools and interacting with students there. At the Esplanade (one of the best concert halls), the children had the opportunity to sing with Stefanie Sun, a popular pop musician in Asia. They sung the song “Grateful Heart” in Chinese and the audience was amazed at how well the children did with their pronunciations.

Watoto and Stefanie Sun

singing out loud

I am not forgotten

Some of the fun stuff also included visiting the Singapore zoo, where the children were most amazed at the different types and sizes of snakes and the sea lion doing a couple of great tricks.

At the Singapore zoo

Singapore zoo

The choir also visited the Universal studios, thanks to Trinity Christian Centre, where they got a chance to see various cartoon characters, enjoyed many rides, and had lots of food.

Universal Studios in Singapore

Lawrence enjoying the ride!

We had the opportunity to visit Yahoo’s main office in South East Asia. The Yahoo stuff were great company teaching everyone how to make a beautiful album of their travels so far. Everyone had something beautiful to show at the end of the day. The lunch was fabulous too!

aunties and uncles

Abdulrahim making his album

At the Yahoo offices

The choir also got to show their football skills, with the boys playing against the uncles and the girls playing against the aunties. The scores of these games were rather interesting…find a member of the choir and ask!

Practicing the cheer leaders' dance!

Boys against uncles

Girls love football too!

The choir left for Taiwan on the 11th of August, having seized every opportunity to make the most of their time.

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