Choir 42 in New Zealand’s South Island!

What can I say, it has been an awesome time so far in New Zealand for the choir. We are in the south island, famous for it’s beauty and we haven’t been disappointed as our breath has literally been taken away in certain moments when we have stepped out from where we are and behold!…beauty upon beauty…New Zealand, you are blessed with a beautiful country and we are so honoured that Tear Fund would invite us and have us over to tour this beautiful land that you call home.

We started off in Cantebury, at a camp that was simply awesome and a great place to relax before we start on our month long tour of New Zealand. The children had the opportunity to enjoy the games around such as the flying fox and the “speeedo”, a small seat that descends at a terrific speed, almost like a roller coaster ride. It was so much fun leaving the children screaming and adrenaline was high.

Uncle Andrew and all the staff there were amazing and we look foward to going back on the 27th of September, before we leave for Brisbane on the 29th.
One of the real treats for the choir was being given a special concert by the Restoration Band, who in some ways relate to the lives and stories of the children as all of them have known rejection, abandonment, poverty and living a life that seemingly doesn’t count for anything…however they shared their journey and how Jesus turned their lives around. They performed songs like”Love”, ” The Compassion Song” and “Best Friend” which was the children’s favourite. They asked questions and the band answered them and also gave the children a whole host of gifts including cards and CD’s of their recorded music. They are urband R n B musicians with a soothing blend of hip was simply awesome…! Sarah, our Tear Fund friend organised the concert and we were truly blessed.

We left the next day and have been to the famous St. Andrew’s Cathedral, majestic and beautiful, for our first concert. We since have been to Rangiora nad we will continue on to Nelson for the weekend and Queenstown next week which promises to be a great treat for the choir.
We want to say a huge thanks to Uncle Mark, Bruce Morriss, Mama Jane, Sarah, Uncle David and Aunt Annet and Uncle Nico for being awesome people to set us on this great trek of New Zealand’s South Island.

We love you and God bless.
For more info on the tour of the choir, please log onto

Choir 42.

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