Taiwan! What a great place and what great people. The choir arrived there on the 9th of August, with an expectation of the best and that is exactly what they got.

off the train!

With the hot and humid weather, we went around much of the country, to Taipei, Taichung, Chaiyi, Kaohsiung, Hualien and Hsinchu. That makes lots of  speed train rides, all of which we enjoyed. The performances were all great and the audiences were very responsive.

You're my friend like no other!

Everyone in Africa dances


wonderfully made

Indeed being vessels of God in this country was such a priviledge. Most of the people that came to watch the concerts had never heard of Jesus or had anyone preach Christ to them. For young children to sing out loud about Jesus and for them to heartily share their testimonies, moved many. We certainly pray that they were drawn to Him and that good seed was planted in their hearts. We are glad that God would use the choir in such a way!

The children also got an opportunity to meet , spend time and on some occasions perform with the Taiwanese children’s Choir. The children on that choir too, have had their own share of hardships, but they share the same joy and hope as our children do! Our children learnt to sing “Jesus loves me this I Know” in Chinese and they taught the Taiwanese children how to sing the same in “luganda”. Each choir was a real blessing to the other.

Fun stuff: the choir visited Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world! we also visited  Ocean Park and the children totally loved the Dolphin show and the rides in the Cable cars. We visited amusement parks with very exciting rides, nice food, bumper cars. We visited a bakery and got to bake some fish-shaped bread.  The children got some science lessons as they visited a Science and Technology gallery.

At the damper inside Taipei 101

chef, what's cooking?

Men at work

stage or kitchen?

work without play.....


ocean world

As usaual, nothing beats the fun found in a football game. The children and the uncles showed some good talent against the coaches and teachers at Korrnell Academy.  The Watoto children took the game, 1-0. Yeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

He knows my name!

go William!

The coaches

Guys, you did great!!!

Over the last week of the choir’s stay in Taiwan, we had the priviledge of being hosted by Grace Church. That week the children spent some time with children at a school for the disabled and mentally retarded. It was a moving experience as these children sang to each other. A reminder that life is special and that God does indeed know each of us, and wherever we are, we are NOT FORGOTTEN!

And ofcourse getting a good education is a major part of raising the children up to be great leaders, and so we spent time getting on with it. We visited Taiwan’s largest steel factory where we all saw how different steel products are manufactured and even exported.

Heavy duty!


i think i know the answer...

That's found inside you...

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the World Vision staff and volunteers and Grace Church members for all their love and support.

The choir left Taipei for Japan on the 6th of September having, once again, seized every moment!

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