Ten amazing weeks!

Its been ten amazing weeks and we are better and stronger, Jesus has lavished us with his amazing love, his favor has been our daily friend, we ever so grateful and our lips shall keep singing his praise.

First of all, we would like to start by thanking all our fabulous hosts; you have been so hospitable to us, we have not lacked any love, care, affection or encouragement. You have clearly proved that its God’s hand in all this, His using people to continuously be a blessing to us.

We have been traveling all over the Midwest of United States, we’ve been able to cover states like Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri. We are now in Kentucky and shall heading to Ohio tomorrow, we have been to many amazing places and we were able to see the mall of America in Bloomington. The children really enjoyed the Nickelodeon center, they were able to ride on the roller coasters and swing to their hearts content.

We visited the source of Mississippi River,wow that was amazing! It was such an amazingly humble start for a great River like the Mississippi, we had thanksgiving together as a team last weekend and were hosted by Uncle Charlie and Auntie Emily in Louisville, Kentucky. We had an awesome time, cooked food Ugandan style, Uncle Bruce prepared Chapatis, (Oh, this was such a treat!) they were so delicious.

We just celebrated Paula’s birthday on Sunday, its was such an amazing time, lots of fun, cake, singing, she got to be thrown up in air.

We visited the Minnesota Zoo and we had a concert there, then took a tour, its was a great adventure for the children, seeing many animals they hadn’t seen before.

Generally we have been blessed, we got two of our missing members to join us about a month ago and now we are one big happy family, the enemy’s traps have not been able to get us, we have not had any illnesses, no cancellations, no bus breakdowns, had a few problems with the sound equipment but that was fixed and we are sailing on pretty well.

We really are thankful to God for that.

Here are some of the photos of the team.

Birthday Girl Auntie Paula blowing the candles..

Birthday girl reading birthday messages...

Thanksgiving dish in the 'pipeline' Auntie Janet,Auntie Paula and Auntie Julianne in the kitchen...

Alice worshipping...

Uncle Allan,Uncle Ronnie and Uncle Nicholas, I love the smiles...

Davis and Brian worshipping passionately...

Peter all surrendered to Christ in worship..

Joyful children...

Motherly love, Auntie Paula and Theresa...

Uncle Steve,our bus driver before Uncle John came,we miss you..

The lady 'driving' the concert on duty..Auntie Julie..

Shopping time,Auntie Charlotte and the girls...

The very first day we had snow,a day after thanksgiving......

God's splendor..shown in his creation...

cooking the meal the Ugandan way...Auntie Paula,Auntie Janet and Auntie Julianne..

Chapati,rice,chicken and vegetables....unbeatably delicious..

The girls playing Twister....

The drama team acting a skit...

Play time.....


  1. Love it! Great job team! Hugs to all of you. Wish we were there! (But James is happy that we are not! Haha!). Happy Birthday to Paula and hugs to all the beautiful children!

  2. Hello, we just came home from your worship service in Gallipolis Ohio at the Grace UMC. Thanks so much!! And especially to Charlotte who gave me good advice for my little Sophia and who exhorted Sophia to dance!!

  3. Hello Everyone- Libeation UCCin Cleveland is anxious for your arriva! Safe travels and we’ll see you on Friday 🙂

  4. Hello Paula, and all of choir 44! It was such a joyful time to host you at our church, and in my home. I looked forward to your visit with such anticipation and excitement, and am now so filled up and content. I so much enjoyed playing games with Peter and David, and was very impressed with the leadership of Uncle Mike. I was moved when he gathered us all to pray before they went to sleep. I admire the peaceful love you show to the children and everyone, in your words, and your attitude. You are all so precious, and I pray for God to keep you all full of His spirit!! Love you! Kate

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