45 @ First Baptist Orlando – Awesome

I’ve fought the temptation to write a story… you’ll probably keep scrolling anyway.. haha.

oh but this was awesome.. we didn’t know Uncle Eugene would be taking pictures..

wow.. well, see for yourself (bravo uncle Eugene)… :->

Here, only a select few would figure out what’s missing…

am ready am ready…

we tried to find some one unprepared.. this is the best we could find.. haha..

Now on the other side..


wamilele for sure…

come on everyone…

Yes sirrrrr.. preach it pastorrrr…

and lastly yoyoyo… madam (before the next flight out… til July. Thanks again Auntie)


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  1. Hey Sam, I know you guys are having a wonderful time out there, spreading the gospel of true religion. God truly truly bless you. Send my love to the children and lots of love to Aunt Daphne, we miss her.
    Have a fabulous time, we look forward to seeing you. Don’t stop blogging coz we are reading and following up on the fun you are having. Take care.

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