1. looking forward to knowing when and where the choir will be this spring in US I know 1 of the children and her mom and sister–Fortunate is the one in the States now–Savior went to Asia this summer there mother is Scovia-I saw them last Jan in Kampala and am leaving for Kampala this week –Scovia emailed me that Fortunate had left –but i havent gotten a schedule –I am a flight attendant for US airways and live in phoenix Az-would love to host her or participate -or even fly to see her if she is not going to be here. please respond –I hope you know who i am referring to. In Christ name -love Linda

  2. I love the blog! It helps me stay informed of my sponsored child, Maureen and the other children. I look forward to the day that I can wrap my arms around her again. I absolutely know that God chose her to be part of our family. Uncle Sam does a great job of helping us stay in touch and he has an amazing sense of humor. I hope that somehow, we will be able to see you all again before the tour end. Love, Auntie Teresa, Erica, Rachel and Uncle Bill.

  3. This is my favorite choir of all, my babies (sponsor’s)Enoch and Benjamin are in here,I love them so much,When is this choir coming back to New York or New Jersey? I want to meet my boys

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