In the beginning God created Watoto Children’s Choir many choirs had travelled to different parts of the world sharing the message of hope through song. For such a time as this in the North East of the US God sent choir 45. It had a safe trip to US good reception by the US watoto office. Thanks to the people in the land of the free. The first 30 concerts have been very good lots of sponsors, sales have been good too. We’ve done concerts in Orlando Florida, Ocee , Savanah and Hickory, North Carolina and Virginia. Oh yes performing at Walt Disney and Good life TV 45 have been highlights. The Children have adjusted very well so far. They love the food and mingle easily with American kids. Ofcourse adults have to be careful because a moment on the lips forever on the hips. There was a lady who said it was a miracle coming to church to see the choir she had never stepped in church in many years. The message of hope inspired her and she loved the singing and energy dancing.
What about David’s sponsor who happens to be a 12 year old girl who does home duties in order to get the money to sponsor well lots of stories to tell; but who can exhaust the greatness of our God.

blessings enock

Below are a few snaps shots of choir 45 enjoy

Post card face by nicholas

aunites enjoying there disney experience

Uncle Roger doing badly in arm restling

Glory train to glory land

work time they sure can jump

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