We made a month on this journey of ministry while in Dover.

We felt closer to France but at the same time we had a great time with the people of Dover

Adventurous kids

we were hosted by the ARK CHURCH while here in Dover.

We had amazing concerts, great audiences and they just loved the kids, their energy, their smiles, their stories and the African dances.

We had to do school concerts for the different schools that came to the Ark Church and the children in Dover just could not believe their eyes. what am trying to say is that they loved the school concert and the reason for this is because they were involved in the concert to participate in dancing and singing with the watoto kids.

just before the concert
kids on stage
uncle Julius invites brave kids for a challenge from watoto
watoto demonstrates the dance for the kids try
girls demonstrate to their fellow girls
Gloria takes the lead for the kids to follow and copy what how she danced
they really tried
boys did their thing too
Uncle Julius warms up the boys for their challenge
boys try to make an African shout
the boys try to pull off the dance

Finally the whole audience joined in song and dance

kids danced to hakuna wakaita sa yesu


We are in our 3rd month of this lovely tour. we have been to places and are still going to places sharing the message of hope.

We spent such a lovely time in the south of England near the coastal regions. The whether was amazingly warm and we over heard people say it was glorious.

We visited towns like Dover, Margate, Southampton, Teighn mouth, Sid mouth and more other towns.

The people in the south are amazing and they welcomed the choir with such great full hearts. They took good care of the choir in their homes and all provided whatever they could.

So thanks all you good people for the love and kindness toward choir 47.

We have beautiful moments to remember from the south.

on a warm sunny day out

beautiful sites

a few minutes at the beach

a nice warm day out

the fun continued

a tour at the beach in western super mare

a good view of the beach

fun at the beach

a walk at the beach

Both the children and the Adults together with the hosts just stopped and took some photos while at the beach.

under the blue sky


cool day



good day

beautiful girls

beautiful evening


kids doing school work with help of an adult

they love education

lunch on the coach as we drove to next destination

kids read on the coach

time to unload the coach

set up for the concert of hope

the lights go up

the paintings go up too

the sound gear gets set

dinner before concert of hope

and they took the cup

food does wonders

ready for concert of hope

good to go

good to go

good to go

vocal warm up

ready for the concert

in worship

all in Awe to HIM the CREATOR


We had quite a number of concerts in the malls as we toured through the south and many people stopped by and enjoyed what the children had to offer.

the man on the small drums

quality moments

the mini concert continues

after the dancing

another mall experience

fun before the next mini concert of hope in THE MALL

if we had any vacancies left on the choir............

beautiful fountain in THE MALL

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