God’s amazing faithfulness

The count down is on,just a few days and we will be home,its really been a great time of ministry full of fun and challenges,we have seen first hand the works of God in all our lives and the people he has sent us to.we have enjoyed the weather,been able to have enough snow ball fights,made enough snow men and experienced ‘donuts’ on snowy roads,we are surely going to miss the weather.
We would like to extend all sincere gratitude to all the people that have made this tour a success,the host churches and other institutions,host families,the offices both in the United states and home,we truly appreciates all your efforts,may God richly bless you.We love you so much.Here are some of the photos that were taken during our tour.

Lullaby Elocution

playing in the snow...

snow ball fights

unties and uncles posing for a photo shoot in the snow...

Enjoying a hot tub...

fun at the pool...Aunties Julie,Charlotte and the girls..

watching a high school basket ball match...

Auntie Janet at the product table..

work without play....

Auntie Julie all soaked into the snow...

our beloved bus driver uncle John and Silver..

Watoto greeting students after school concert....

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