A few captions from along the way… (click-flash-view)

After a good afternoon nap, its time to find the toys and set the people free.. now lets burn some energy a.k.a having fun. haha

Peace and Masitula share the fun

Giggly Barbra giggles


great picture dear Maria

Benjamin : hahahaaa... "also me!!!"

ok more fun.. auntie Joshanne attempts to take on all the kids dancing skills… you should have been there..!!

oh yes.. round 1 dance off

Enock : small boy - big moves

Just when you thought you could dance, enock brings out the whole arsenal.. moonwalk, breakdance, and others we are yet to coin up names for.. haha.
ooooh then we know that it is a success. these moves and the relatives of these moves could only be Enock’s. who else could have won?!! Bravo baby boy.

haha.. too funny

2 minutes to the concert… then you might hear.. uncle where is your heart?! haha. Oh Barbra

hahahahaha.. very cute

and the journey continues....

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