From Alberta to Saskatchewan!

We had very rewarding time playing after our Concerts in Cold lake

Play time after Concerts in Cold Lake

This was our one of our last stops in Alberta. We have enjoyed meeting new friends and this was the climax of our time here. We played soccer with the boys and I am still sore from it. The girls had fun skipping ropes and playing other games. Grand Alliance Church organized this and we are so thankful to them. The school was gracious enough to let us into their gymnasium. There was a party for the Children at 5pm and more play time after. Some fun activities involved rides on snow mobiles.

When was the last time you did this?

When was the last time you did this?


  1. Looks like I am just going to miss you guys…will be in Edmonton, Alberta end of this week….Greet Enoch for me, I am his Father’s Heart at Suubi…miss him

  2. I will make sure he gets the message. He is doing an amazing job on stage and Enoch is a very happy Child. I know you are proud of him as we all are! Thank you for being his Father’s Heart! Blessings…

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