Its all about love.. yes it is.

The concerts are beautiful.. quite the experience; watching a simple stage morph into a pristine altar of worship.. from high energy dancing to the simple raising of tiny hands in adoration to Jesus, in whom we live, move and have our being.. its just awesome.

Yet still… our greater source of delight extends beyond the 1 hour and 15 minutes of the concert program. Its in the hands we hold, the smiles we share, the warm embrace, the conversations we hold. If we can make even the simplest of connections; say a prayer, lighten a burden, bring some sun into a cold wintry season, then our day is complete.. sharing the joy of living in Christ.. thats what we are here for. We apologize, these moments never wait for the camera.. but when we can, we’ll share that too. Enjoy..

bearing gifts fit for kings.. thank you Mother Church

so glad you came

just wonderful

Oooh David..

Reagan: "Very good. Now after that, we roll like this" 🙂


oh Sarah looooves babies...

where's Rev. Bernie.. Oh there he is!! Nice pose


oh uncle mark..

..and a personal favourite..

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