Ministry in virginia and delaware

Highlights in the the past month have been; Marilyn’s visit at the wave womens conference; going through the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel that joins eastern shore of Virginia and Hampton roads. This is a bridge with an underwater tunnel  ;it is one of the 7 world wonders. In delware there were lots of Kenyans it was the first city inwhich kids have met there sponsors.
I and my boys had an educational visit to NAS Oceana jet bass.
lieutenant David Bigs Oceana took us on the tour of the Jet bass. This naval jet bass has been in existence since 1940 and it was an honour to visit because it is rarely visited by outsiders. During our visit we saw the F18 jet plane, F14 and other jets that are used by the navy. It was amazing learning how the planes take off and land on carriers; the gear used by pilots extra it was a once in a life time opportunity. We sung for some of the officers and shared what watoto is about; they were very impressed; thanked them for the work they do in and out of America. This reminded me of the fact that we too are soldiers in the army of the lord Jesus Christ. We go through a lot but never forget the cause; don’t wither in adversity .

Its always an honour to have” jaja” (Grandmother ) Auntie Marilyn visit the choir she rekindles the flame within the choir. We were challenged to get back to the basics of Christianity like love faithfulness integrity. We were also brought up to speed with what is happening at Watoto Church Cape town South Africa. Amazing opportunities down in South Africa and we are thankful to all the partners that make this possible. Our prayers go towards Pastor Julius and the crew down south.
Attending the Wave conference was huge. The devoted womens conference reminded me of the Daughters of Destiny back home. The atmosphere at Wave church gives you this expectation once you get out of your car, the foyer washrooms lets journey inside all the lights, stage setup worship experience Pastor Steve Kelly and his team have done an amazing job. There were amazing summons by Holly Wagner, Marilyn Skinner, Priscilla. Men watch out the ladies are taking over.

here are some shots

wave church snaps

Oceana jet base photos

waoo all those jets

lets have a celebration by the sea

funny faces

blessings enock tuunde

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