Visit to Covenant House in Toronto

This is one of the biggest homeless shelters in this area and has been here for many years. Danielle Neilson made it possible for us to come and share our songs and stories with the staff as well as their clients. We had an incredibly wonderful time here. The Children spent time visiting with the staff and Clients before we sang a few songs for them. After Singing Not forgotten; Marvin came up and shared his story. This moved many to tears. The story had a happy ending-Hope in Jesus Christ…

I spoke to two ladies and the first one told me that she was also abandoned at a young age (shared similar experience with some of the Children) and never knew her parents. She said “I felt God so close” and I want to go and volunteer at Watoto. The second lady told me she was speechless because she experienced God . “I am going through HEALING right now” she whispered…I was almost moved to tears at this point.

The Children gave them a gift of a T-shirt that read: NOT FORGOTTEN. We thank God that he is bringing healing to this nation through Choir 46.


Sharing our stories and songs!

We had a nice time interacting with everyone before we left!

What a time!

One, two three, go!

One, two three, go!

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