From Quebec to New Brunswick

We have scarves!

We had a short but incredible time in Quebec. One of the highlights was the Concert of Hope in Gatineau @ Eglise Source de vie. Pastor Bruno invited the Congregation for prayers as Children lined up in front of the stage area to pray for and with the people. He added that God will hear these Children’s prayer on your behalf and even if you don’t understand English. Over 50 percent of the Congregation was primarily from a French background and could not understand English. It was a powerful ending to the Concert in this area where the Choir had not been back in 3years.

We journeyed on to New Brunswick three days ago where we stopped at a small Community in Perth-And Over. This was a new place where Watoto had not been before. The Church was very small and the High School was gracious enough to let us use their gymnasium for the Concert. Many of the people who came to this Concert were not Christians. The ending was highlighted by an alter call made by Pastor Michael and the Chidren were telling me how happy they were to have led a few to Christ!

Here we come!

Here we come!

Enoch and Carol told me: ” Uncle Stephen we prayed for a gentleman called David and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour ” What a testimony of God’s work through the once despised, good for nothing but now full of hope, healed, joyful Children who are now his tool to bring healing to this nation!

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