From New Brunswick to Nova Scotia!

We had a short but great time in PEI.Charlottetown and Cornwall were our other stops here. We saw many people come to Christ after the Concerts. Then we were in Moncton at the First Baptist Church for a night on friday then headed to Nova Scotia. Today. God has protected us in a miraculous way. One of our hind tires was punctured so stopped at a town on the way to Halifax. All the shops were closed exept for one shop which only had one tire left of the type that we needed. As if that in itself was not a miracle in itself, we came there just before they were closed for the weekend. Our tyre was fixed and we thanked the people and were on our way again.

God is truly amazing and we see his hand upon us in many ways. Thank you all for your prayers. God is truly with us.

Welcome to Nova Scotia

A big welcome sign as we approach our next stop

Nova Scotia for Jesus!

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  1. A ‘very’ belated “Happy Birthday”, Uncle Gideon!!! … and hello, Hannington, Jeremiah and Enock. Praying you are enjoying the rest of Canada and continuing to touch lives as you touched ours. It was our greatest pleasure to have you all spend some time with our whole family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    Soon you will be in Newfoundland… that’s where Larry and I are from originally. We are hoping you will get to meet more of our family there.
    Say HELLO to all the children in the choir and your Aunties and Uncles for us!!!! Take care,
    Auntie Sandra & Uncle Larry… and the rest of the Thornhills

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