Spring is here Part 2!

This was the second time we were seeing the sunshine in a long time! After the snow it has been wet and cold. The weather could not get any nicer when we got to the TV station in Halifax two days ago and they thanked us for bringing the sunshine! After the interview we drove to Bridgewater Baptist Church in Nova Scotia where Children had sometime to kill after nailing exams!

Ready for fun?

Ready for fun?

They played tag as well, how many remember that game? Well here if it were your turn you would get anyone who is standing up and tag them before they sit down. That is how you got relieved and they in turn would do the same and the game goes on and on….

Watch out here he comes!

And it goes on!

And it goes on!


  1. THANK YOU for your ministry at New Minas Baptist! Thank you for allowing us to host three of your team members. We thoroughly enjoyed your concert – so much energy and spirit! Our only negative comment – your stay was too short! You had to leave so early (6:00 a.m.) which meant the students had to get up very early – there were no complaints – only smiles to greet us in the morning. Their personalities shone though along with the love of Christ. God Bless you all!

  2. even the adults have ffun my friend n at some point u cant tell the difference hehehehe hihihihi

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