From Nova Scotia to New Found Land!

Just finished boarding the Ferry. Captain Chris Carter was so happy to receive us and even took us on a tour of the ferry…. He showed us what he does and a few curious boys asked questions among many was Sam. It is a long ride but the view is worth the time!

Entering the Ferry

Entering the Ferry

Uncle Stephen, are they going to lift the bus? Well, wait and see what happens Children

We are actually driving in....

This is what I do!

Showing us how the ferry operates!

Thank you captain for showing us around, may God bless you!

Watoto hugs always put smiles on your face, do you agree?

Watoto hugs always put smiles on your face, do you agree?

The Ferry ride was long but and a few good things happened on our journey. Nearly one hour to our destination we decided to invite everyone interested in hearing the Choir to join us in the restaurant section. Within minutes one of the crews announced  through the speakers and in less than five minutes we had a big audience. We only had our guitar and a Jembe drum.

Inside the ferry!

I introduced the choir and we were not holding back anything from our mission here. ” Though it may seem like it is a sad story, it is not; rather one of Hope that each of these Children has found in Jesus” You may be here and feel lonely and rejected but Jesus is the answer I concluded. We sang three songs and Marvin shared his story before Not forgotten. I could see how moved people were.  God reminded us that he can work through us even when we do not have a big or ideal set up for a Concert….When he calls we will answer!

Outside Uncle Martin enjoying the view!

Outside Uncle Martin enjoying the view!

I can tell you that his favour is on us and when we just got to the Ferry the Captain decided to give us a tour. No one else was able to visit with him a part from the Choir. What is it? The favour of God. People even gave us donations on the ferry, something we never expected. We just wanted to bless them. We ended up meeting many people, among whom a Brenda who wanted to promoted our concert in her area. Another gentleman who looked like a former biker, saved and in love with Jesus. He said he is praying for us….and was happy to see us spread God’s love.

And the journey goes on!

And the journey goes on!


  1. Hello choir 46,

    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading about some of your experiences in Canada. We are really looking forward to meeting you on July 29th in Grand Falls-Windsor. We are very pleased to be host to uncle Martin, Joel, Samuel, and our sponsor child Swaliki. What an honor this is for my family!

    Our family have been honored to host watoto choirs in year 2007 and 2009. In 2007 we hosted Uncle Paul, Wilbur, Conrad, and Innocent. In 2009 we hosted uncle Fred,Tadeo, and James. I can honestly say these experiences have been the high lite of my families year. I would love to have opportunity to meet these and other choir members again sometime in Uganda.

    During the choirs visit in 2009, my family took out sponsorship for a nine year old boy naned Swaliki, who just celebrated his elevent birthday on May 2nd. At that time I could have never imagined, that two years later we would have the privelidge of meeting Swaliki and host him in our home. God is truly amazing, faithful, and I consider this a gift from God. I would encourage many to respond to the need and take out sponsorship for watoto children, in which the choirs represent.

    May God continue to bless the choir and keep you safe during your travels.

    God Bless

    Ron Hicks.

  2. Hi Watoto Choir,

    I love the phrase “If you think Children enjoy playtime more, think again!” I do agree, sometimes we adult have an inner child that is waiting to be unleashed at the appropriate time. I am glad that guys had a great day of rest on your off days.


  3. Such amazing stories, your team and the children are doing amazing things – I love that you see every opportunity as a Mission field! LOVE IT! Keep up the great work and I hope to see you all soon!

  4. Thank you Ron,
    It was a pleasure to meet you. I thank God for loving us through people like you. Thank you for coming to meet Swaliki on stage. It was of his highlights during our time in New Foundland. May God bless you and your family. Hope we see you in Uganda soon Godwilling!

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