Sweeping Durban Off Its Feet

With almost two weeks to go, the Watoto Children’s Choir is sweeping the province of Durban in South Africa off its feet with life impacting stories topped with lively performances of song and dance.

The team arrived on 3 May to tour Durban for 5 weeks in partnership with LIV Village, a child-care ministry modelled after Watoto.

They have performed at venues such as uShaka Marine World, Gateway Mall, Hilton College, Grace Church, Durban Christian Church and a number of other great venues.

“I’ve seen a glimpse of Jesus in these kids and the adults around them. I have experienced love from them that I don’t think they themselves know that they are capable of giving! They have affected me in the deepest places in my heart. Kids who may have had no parents, no hope and nothing to give, have given me everything. It’s really hard to explain what has changed in me, but one thing I can explain: my passion for Africa, and for kids has been renewed, revived, revitalised, resurrected,” said Jordan Collins from Grace Church.

On 7 May the choir performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra and Drakensberg Boys’ Choir at the Playhouse Theatre. It was a sold out concert and the night was closed with a powerful rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’. Everyone was up on their feet in resounding applause.

In the weeks that followed, the choir performed at the five star hotel, Oysterbox, for a number of special guests including Springbok Captain, John Smith, Ryan Kankowski and Keagen Daniels.

On Saturday 21st, performed just before the Sharks vs Bulls Rugby Match at Kingspark Stadium to an audience of 30,000 people. “Mambo Sawa” echoed through the stadium as the choir performed!

The choir still has 9 weeks left in South Africa with great bookings lined up, starting with Gauteng from the 6th June – 31st July. Visit our Website for bookings in Durban and Gauteng.

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