We travelled to beautiful Ireland by ferry and that was one cool experience for the kids. It was their first time to travel on water and for sure they enjoyed it.

We arrived at Belfast and had a long drive to Derry on our lovely coach. We found a lovely group of Irish people waiting to take us to their lovely homes.

We then moved on to Buncrana in the Republic of ireland. It was such a green, hilly and wet area of the country with lovely people who just loved family life.

With this kind of love and kindness we had no choice but to enjoy our stay with the people and church of Scotland.

uncle Ronnie on his way to the lounge on the ferry

uncle Geofrey relaxes while on the ferry

Aunties Liz and Nimlet grab a snack during the sail

uncles Geofrey, Herbert, Isaac take a snap during the sail

out on the wonderful sea

a snap with uncle Billy

girl time

back in the host home

good times

really good times

quality time

looks like they are enjoying themselves

great service

after a great meal at ubiquitous restaurant

off for a good day off

joy after a good meal

We loved it in Ireland and we hopefully will be back in the future.

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  1. I seen the Choir at Katahin Elementary School in Patten tonight an was so overwelmed by the kids an their musical talents. What Joy they shouted with their voices an dances. They are all very gifted an will never forget them. God Bless all of the kids an their stories an sharing themselves to the world.

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