Concert @ Holy Chapel School in Chapel Arm!

It has been awhile since we had a school Concert. The Children were exited that they were going to meet some people about their age and have fun singing and dancing with them. Most Children on the Choir really look forward to the Cultural interaction during which they have big smiles on their faces as their new friends try to dance the Watoto way.

Your turn next...

My favourite part…

The brave ones are here!

After a great Concert, there was a great meal!

Who loves hot dogs?

Some people made friends! It looked like they met years ago…

Jolly and her new friend

Some simply loved to do it alone!

Milk weather in Uganda or oversees is still white and nutritious!

Some prefer ice cream to anything else!

Jeremiah passionate!

Noeline wants to be a lawyer!

Whoever said only Children enjoy this on tour is wrong! This is why….

Uncle C J!

The place was filled with Children between 6 and 13! All having a good time!

Lunch time!

Watoto hugs for the cooks!

We had a great time here. And were on our way after the meal, one day gone, the next day and the journey continues!

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