Finally in Saint John’s New Found land!

Someone told me recently: ” That is about as far East as you can get. After that you are going to get wet” I did not know what they meant until I looked at the map! This weekend our tour crossed Canada from one end to the other! God has been faithful to us beyond measure. People are positioned everywhere to help us as we make Jesus famous and raise awareness and support for Watoto ChildCare Ministries!

This evening we were at Elim l Tabernacle. What a big Church. Pastor Paul was very happy to have the Choir. He joined us for prayers and Vanessa was the last person he received a hug from as the Children went to the stage. The Concert was fantastic…. As soon as the Choir ran off stage the pastor called us back to re-do Mambo sawa with the African Congregation joining us on stage and everyone on their feet! What a time. It was all crowned by an alter call to give people a chance to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Every night our desire is to see 5people give their lives to Christ. This morning Jolly shared with us about the parable of the lost Coin and reminded us how much joy there is in heaven over a sinner that repents. How is your response when you lead someone to Christ?


Concert of hope @ Elim!

Full stage, holy Chaos! What a joy!

The little ones join in too!

Enjoying the Concert does not depend on how old you are!

I discovered some of the finest dancers lived in St John’s NL!

Waiting to pray for the people as the Crowd exits the stage!

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