Sharing With Homeless Youth

Watoto Children’s Choir has inspired many people across Canada to support vulnerable children in Africa. The choir spreads a poignant message of hope while performing in churches, visiting hospitals and schools. Recently, they visited Covenant House in Toronto, Canada’s largest shelter for homeless youth that provides 24/7 crisis care, education, counselling and healthcare, helping thousands of youth get off the streets and back on their feet.

As they entered the Great Hall, the children introduced themselves and individually spoke to the youth and staff who had anticipated their arrival.

“Watoto Children’s Choir is truly a group that must be experienced in order to fully understand the impact on the soul,” said Danielle, Covenant House Co-ordinator, as the children greeted her with open arms.

Then, putting up a spirited performance in their “Not Forgotten” outfit, the children’s personal music and testimonies melted the hearts of the audience, but more importantly, opened their eyes. By the end of the concert, not one eye was dry. “My eyes are open, my heart is filled, my spirit is lifted and I am forever one of your biggest fans,” expressed Danielle.
See the choir in your region today. Log onto for more information.

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